Scientific sessions will cover the following fields:
-    FTIR (micro)spectroscopy
-    Raman (micro)spectroscopy
-    Autofluorescence spectroscopy and imaging
-    Mass spectrometry and imaging
-    NMR spectroscopy and imaging
-    Related data analysis approaches

The scientific sessions include invited plenary lectures, a series of 20-minute oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts, and 5-minute flash presentations of posters. A specific poster session will be combined with a convivial moment and a poster award by the journal Biomolecules.

Four technical workshops will be organized in two times two-parallel sessions. These workshops are for both beginners and experienced users and aim to encourage discussions, share experiences and questions about concrete practices.

Session 1:
- Data analysis techniques: Principal Component Analysis, Multivariate Curve Resolution, Partial Least Squares, K-Means clustering, databases, etc. What are the main issues in data analysis? Which analysis technique to use? Which software to use?
- Sample preparation: Which preparation is most suitable for which technique? What are the challenges of good sample preparation? What sectioning tools and preparation methods are available?

Session 2:
- Spectral technique selection: What information do the different methods provide? What are the highlights and drawbacks of each technique (e.g. speed of acquisition, spatial and spectral resolution, etc.)? Spectroscopy or imaging? Availability and ease of use of equipment, etc.
- Correlative and multimodal imaging: Definition. What are the issues involved in performing correlative or multimodal imaging: sample preparation, data acquisition? What methods of data analysis?

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